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THE FIT EXPO Aug 26th & 27th

We are stoked to be sponsoring the Anaheim Fit Expo this year in August 2017 with many other cool brands. Come by and meet us! It's been a crazy journey so far and nothing in life comes easy but when you put in work and really dedicate yourself, good things happen. Some people will try to knock your hustle, and say negative things when you're up, and some people will support you. All and all, the energy you have is created by YOU... There will be fun challenging contests, Giveaways and of course our kick ass gear. Pick some up, support the brand, and represent the brand. There is a deep meaning behind our emblem and our trademark logos. Whatever it is that you want to do, we want to inspire you to do it. Yes our core is beach x fitness, but life is so much more than that., music, love, beach, work, dreams...and the list goes on. Look out for the special edition Frillwit® apparel. Be a part of the movement. For Real With It®

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