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Booty Camp With FRILLWIT®

Grow or firm your bumpkin with a few tips from FRILLWIT®. : ) Squats are great for your legs and glutes, but doing isolation moves that target the actual gluteus are the best!! Here are a couple moves you can do in the comfort of your own home or our personal favorite...the beach.

You will need ankle weights at least 5lbs or more.

How often should you work out your bumpkin? Well, it depends how firm you want it. If you have an office position and are sitting most of your day, you should definitely think about doing these exercises often.

Make sure you strap on your ankle weights just right and that they are not too loose or too tight. You want to be comfortable the whole way through so you are able to do the exercises.

It's time to get down and dirty. If you are at home, get a mat for cushion. Where ever you may be, you don't want to end up with bruises on your knees so make sure they are well protected. When you're fully adjusted, get on your hands and knees. Make sure you are just like our model Sam here.

Having one knee bent and down for stability, bring the opposite leg up towards the ceiling or sky. As you have your leg fully extended, squeeze the glute when your leg reaches the top. You don't need to go fast. Actually, going slow will help you contract your muscles. Do 12-15 reps on each leg with 3-4 sets.

After your 3-4 sets, take a quick 30 second rest. You don't want to rest for too long because you want to keep your muscles warm. Stand up, and with one leg, extend the opposite leg back. As you extend it back, bring your body forward to balance your weight.

Hold your arms out to balance. Hold your position for 3-5 seconds. The longer, the better. But if you are beginning, 3-5 seconds is fine. Do 12-15 reps again with 3-4 sets. These exercises as a warm up before a legs work out or adding this to a circuit always does the job. Do these exercises often and keep it up. Check out our page for more tips on growing or firming your bumpkin: )

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