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The Fit Expo Anaheim 2017


The 2017 Anaheim Fit Expo was a success! Thank you to everyone who came by and purchased Frillwit® merchandise and participated in our weight lifting challenges. For the girls, we gave an option whether to do squats or curls with our 40 lb. barbell. We didn't hit a record on how many squats were done by the girls but we did somehow get a good catch on how many curls were done by the guys. The minimum was at least 25, then someone came by and set a record of 40. Then someone else came by and beat that record and did over 80. And finally Jon Koury, a monster in calisthenics came over and did 134 reps. Wow! Congrats to Jon Koury. Although a few came close, no one was able to beat his record. Hands up for calisthenics!

For day 2, the challenge was completely different. We turned the tables and did fast flying reps. We asked our guest how many reps they can do in 30 seconds and the average was 16-25, then it flew to a whopping 43 reps in 30 seconds when PJ Sumalinog came to our booth. Like day 1, many tried to beat the record, and many came close but no one did. At closing time when we prepared to close up shop, Bruce Orlando Leaupepe of Strength Cartel comes by and for the fun of it decides to take the challenge. From the look on this face, it seemed so easy and it probably was, because he beat the record at 46 reps within 30 seconds. Amazing! That's Frillwit®! Congrats to Bruce and thank you again to everyone who came by and participated. Despite all the fun, we were able to capture some of the excitement. View the pics in the blog to see if you made it on camera. And if you didn't make it, be sure to get a picture with us the next time. Follow us on Instagram @Frillwit_Apparel

Keep it 100! For Real With It.®

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