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5 tips to get your backyard bumpin!

Take these simple and easy tips to stay on top of your booty gains : )

1. Moisturize your bumpkin.

After you get out of the shower, your skin is soft and supple. Pull out your lotion bottle and lather it up. Do it multiple times a day. Your skins absorbs it so you have to re-apply every so often. It especially helps with the reduction of stretch marks because they form when your skin is dried.

2. Work on them at least 3 x's a week

Take 3 days out of the week and name them your "booty bum bum day". That's right! Your glutes deserve them. We sit on our butts all day at work so the least we can do is give some attention to them. 3 days!! You can do it!

3. Isolation is Key

You can't just do squats to get a nice bumpkin. Doing a squat is a combination move, meaning you have to use another muscle to do the squat. So you have to do isolation moves that specifically targets your glutes. If you like using resistance bands, go for the more advanced ones.

4. Go heavy some days on your glute exercises.

Do different work outs and change it up. And don't be scared to go a little heavier. Of course with a spotter. You have to put your muscles under stress to activate them.

5. Work on your waist

It's all an illusion. If your waist is smaller, your booty looks bigger. That's just the way it is. So don't neglect your other body parts. Especially your waist. You must eat!!!! Eat food. It contributes to the booty gains. But eat well.

For Real With It.

Get a pair of Cheeksters!

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