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Meet Emily Ducote

Interview with Pro MMA Fighter Emily Ducote. She's beautiful, she's fierce, she'll kick your butt and most importantly, she's Frillwit®.

Emily, what inspired you to start fighting professionally?

My grandma is a huge part of why I fight, when I was younger she would put the fights on and we would watch them for hours. She has been to all 4 of my Bellator fights

What motivates and inspires you?

My team, my coaches and my family motivates me because they show how much they believe in me. I also get very motivated when I think about future fights, how I can change and improve myself to be the best version of myself possible.

What do you like about fighting?

I love that you can constantly build and improve yourself every day and be better every fight.

How do you feel after winning a fight?

I feel relieved like I can finally relax because I do so much training and mental preparation for the fight.

How often do you train?

Training is huge part of my life, I train twice a day and have to have my body ready to fight at any time.

What are you favorite workouts?

Honestly all of my training is my favorite.. I love BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu), boxing and strength conditioning.

How did you end up in OK?

I was born and raised in San Jose, California and moved to Oklahoma City to wrestle in college. I didn't enjoy it very much so I decided I was going to move back to California, but shortly before I was supposed to return I found the American Top Team gym and my coach. I have been living and training in Oklahoma City ever since.

How would you describe what you do as being "For real with it" ?

In MMA there are a lot of people who act different to get attention because it's hard to get in the "spot light", so for me being "for real with it" is staying true to who I am and focusing on myself and my team.

After a long day of training, what do you do?

I go home and spend some time with my pups outside!

What advice would you give others who want to fight professionally?

My advice is finding a coach and a team you trust, work hard and keep showing up even on the hard days.

Follow Emily Ducote on Instagram @emducote1

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