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Who Likes Crunches? thank you, not me. Being real, one of the most boring exercises for the abs ever, well to me are crunches.

I hated crunches since I was 13 years old and I don't even know why I did them but I did. Sometimes I did the exercises wrong and started engaging other muscles instead. Maybe that's why I hated them so much. I also did only 10-12 reps at a time because I dreaded them so much. I Felt it was a waste of time and didn't really do much for the abs but get me annoyed. But gosh, I needed to work on my abs. People say abs are made in the kitchen.Yes, I say that too. Probably in one of my recent post but I really mean abs...You know, the muscles underneath the fat from all those donuts we eat. Yes, after cleaning up our diet, we start seeing our muscles but keeping those muscles tight is what I'm talking about. So I started doing leg lifts. They are crazy. They make you feel like you're the president...of leg lifts. But when I'm not doing leg lifts, I do planks.

Why did I start planking? Because it's hard to do so many leg lifts. Plus it's good for the core and posture.

I planked every single day. It became part of my routine. Wake up, brush my teeth, shower, and plank. And it's funny because if I do the same exercises all the time, I start feeling like it doesn't work anymore, but with planking it's sort of kind of the opposite. I find it that when I'm planking everyday, I am stronger everyday. But when I take a break from planks, It's like starting all over and my posture is slouchy.

I started with 3 sets of 30 second planks. Then I got creative and did 3-5 sets. And I was doing it all the time. Then one day, I felt crazy. I did a whole 45 seconds. Haha!! Yes, then 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then I started doing fun planking routines that went up to 5 minutes each rep. And I felt so strong. But guess what? I got lazy and stopped doing them. And now I'm back at 30 second planks again.

But hey! I'm back. And I will be working on strengthening my core again. We all fall off sometimes. It's natural. But we have to be For Real With It and not forget about our health. It's the one thing that only you can do for yourself. Isn't that crazy? Only you can do it. Only I can work on myself and only you can work on you. No one else. You can fake the funk and act like you don't care, but and it isn't all about looks. It's about your health. That's Frillwit.

Keep it 100. Excuse any typing errors. Late night post.

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