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Strong Is Sexy

If you've been feeling down and depressed because you think you've lost your sexy, think again. It's quite easy to bring it all back, and it all starts with clearing your state of mind. You are sexy, you are strong and you are capable of turning any negative thoughts into positivity. This will change the chemistry in your body. With good thought, good things happen. I heard this a long time ago and it changed my life with physical activity forever. I also think it will change yours if you take this in and really understand it. "The more you move, THE MORE YOU MOVE". Very powerful. And of course the opposite, (which is what made me think) The more you don't move, the more you don't. And that's when you become tired and weak and lose motivation to do anything.

How important is this? It's extremely important. From 1 to 100, it's over the chart. It's important for your family, your significant other, and your circle. They say you are a reflection of the 5 most closest people around you. So if you're changing the way you are and the way you think, your positivity will also impact the people in your life. You, your family and friends become healthier. Become strong. When you are strong mentally you will take better care of yourself and become more aware. Why wait for a doctor to tell you that you have to start exercising and get more active? Do it yourself. Find people who are motivating and have good energy and absorb their vibes. You and your health are the only thing that will always be with you when you are alone. So work on it.

Change the way you eat. Cut out the fast foods and sodas. Pay attention to how much sugar you eat on a regular basis. Eat more fruit and vegetables. Set a good example around your family and friends. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Lift weights, do cardio, stretch, and incorporate vegetables in your diet. Remember that strong is sexy. Don't cheat yourself. Be For Real With It.

Love & Peace

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